Internet in Lebanon is the slowest! Especially in remote villages. To advertise Connect’s fast wireless broadband, we inaugurated “The King of Internet”. The pop-up DVD store that sold... not films... nor series... but Internet content!

The DVDs were giveaway coupons for prospective Connect subscribers.

We created 100+ DVDs out of Internet’s best content. From cat videos to a 50-hours of fireplace compilation. The concept was inspired by Lebanon’s famous fake DVD shops that sell copies of films for peanuts.

Made at TBWA RAAD.
Cannes Lions - Outdoor Ambient & Experiential: Special Build - Bronze (2021), Dubai Lynx - Outdoor: Special Build - Grand Prix (2021), Dubai Lynx - Brand Experience & Activation: Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts - Silver (2021), Effie Awards - Brand Experience - Gold (2021), Effie Awards - David vs Goliath - Bronze (2021)New York Festivals - Activation & Engagement: Best Use/Exhibitions & Installations – Finalist (2020).